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2021 National Finals 25th Annual

(Sponsored by Cam Clark Ford)

October 8 – 11, 2021.

With regrets, we have to cancel this year’s 2021 National Finals.

On September 15,2021 the Alberta government announced new Covid protocols which affect Stampede Park that made it impractical for our event to happen on such short notice of the changes.

Everyone who has paid their entry fees or sponsorship will be fully refunded in due course.

See you in 2022!

Thank you

CTCPA Canadian 6

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    New for 2021 Team Penning Season

 The rating chairs have a meeting booked for Feb 13. If you have not submitted the evaluation form you have until Feb 12. In the event that your rating is changed and no form has been submitted there will not be an appeal process for those riders.

  • All judges with current certification will be extended 1 extra year.
  • All riders will be asked to fill out a new rating form.  Everyone will be up for reevaluation this year. The form can be found on our forms page and emailed to ctcpaoffice@gmail.com when completed
  • We have a new President and Vice President.  Tom Thorlakson is our president and Drew Parker is our Vice President.
  • Brent Shaw is our new Interim Rating Co-Ordinator.  If you are interested in applying for this position for the 2022 season please send note to ctcpaoffice@gmail.com or talk to Tom Thorlakson or Drew Parker.



Thank you to our Rating Tag Sponsor Triumph Traffic who has continued their sponsorship thru 2024 – Only new members and members with a rating change will receive one new rating tag. Additional tags can be purchased from the CTCPA Office at a cost of $5.00, please contact the office to order ctcpaoffice@gmail.com 
The Association secretaries have added a line item to their membership forms to purchase extra tags ($5.00 each).

CTCPA Rule Book  – All changes in bold


If you want to Judge/Flag at a Sanctioned Show in 2021, please review the 2021 Judge Policy and complete the Exam.  
NOTE:  Due to COVID 19  all judges with current certification will be extended 1 year for the 2021 season.
To view the Judge Clinic Webinar,  follow the link under the Judge Tab or Click This Link   
Should there be a discrepancy between a printed rule book and the rules as posted on the CTCPA website, the rules posted on the website shall prevail.


MANDATORY – Each member must display a rating tag on their saddle at all sanctioned pennings, all members must attach these rating tags so as the rating number is clearly visible. Rating tags will be sent to all new members and riders whose rating has changed for 2020. If you have lost your rating tag, please contact the office to purchase a replacement tag for $5.00, some show secretaries have inventory to purchase at individual shows or add an extra $5.00 to your association membership form to be sent an additional tag. The show secretaries have added an extra line to the membership forms for ordering.


Notice To Members: It is important all members are aware that Nationals is a separate entity from Canadian and has its own bank account with separate funds. Levy fees and membership fees which are collected are used for the general day to day operations of the CTCPA and are not used for the National Finals.