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2023 CTCPA National Final’s

CTCPA is very excited for our National Finals this year.  Lots of new things in the 2023 National Finals Package July 20 Please read it!  Here are a few highlights.
NEW FOR 2023

•  Entries open Thursday July 20. 2023 MDT @ 06:00.

• The Show will run from Thursday, October 5 at noon to Monday, October 9th inclusive. Thursday will start at noon, every other day starts at 8 am sharp.

• The First Annual CTCPA Hall of Fame Induction and Calcutta on Saturday night after Team Penning is finished.

• The requirement to qualify for riding at the National Finals is four (4) sanctioned shows attended in the 2023 season. (Click to submit) Nationals Declaration Form.

• The Open Shootout will take a maximum of 60 entries. Each rider may enter five(5) times with a minimum one rider change each time.

• The 8 Shootout will take a maximum of 100 entries. Each rider may enter one (1) time.

• The Open Handicap is 21.

• Ride with the Pro’s tickets are open to 1, 2 and 3 rated riders.  This will replace previous years Super Penner Teams. More details are in the show package.

• Camping will be assigned to each rider based on the date and time entered in www.penning.ca. You can book ONLY 5 camping spots per rider. If you are wanting to camp beside each other you MUST all show up at the same time or you will not be beside each other.

• Stalls – Please disregard wording in show package.  Booking stalls will be the same process as previous years.  Book online, if booking for a group please email me the list.

Note:  The Pavilion stalls have already been spoken for as CTCPA was offered a sponsorship for this area.

Thank you to Molly’s  Custom Buckles for being our 2023 buckle sponsor.

CTCPA 2023 Class Roster

5 Class Roster

7 Class Roster

8 Shootout

10 Class Roster

Century and Half Class

Jr Class

Sr Class

Open Handicap Class

Open Shoot Out Roster


Thank you to our Rating Tag Sponsor Triumph Traffic who has continued their sponsorship thru 2024 – Only new members and members with a rating change will receive one new rating tag. Additional tags can be purchased from the CTCPA Office at a cost of $5.00, please contact the office to order ctcpaoffice@gmail.com 
The Association secretaries have added a line item to their membership forms to purchase extra tags ($5.00 each).

CTCPA Rule Book  – All changes in bold


If you want to Judge/Flag at a Sanctioned Show in 2023, please review the 2023 Judge Policy and complete the Exam.  
NOTE:  Due to COVID 19  all judges with current certification will be extended 1 year for the 2021 season.
To view the Judge Clinic Webinar,  follow the link under the Judge Tab or Click This Link   
Should there be a discrepancy between a printed rule book and the rules as posted on the CTCPA website, the rules posted on the website shall prevail.


MANDATORY – Each member must display a rating tag on their saddle at all sanctioned pennings, all members must attach these rating tags so as the rating number is clearly visible. Rating tags will be sent to all new members and riders whose rating has changed for 2023. If you have lost your rating tag, please contact the office to purchase a replacement tag for $5.00, some show secretaries have inventory to purchase at individual shows or add an extra $5.00 to your association membership form to be sent an additional tag. The show secretaries have added an extra line to the membership forms for ordering.


Notice To Members: It is important all members are aware that Nationals is a separate entity from Canadian and has its own bank account with separate funds. Levy fees and membership fees which are collected are used for the general day to day operations of the CTCPA and are not used for the National Finals.