2017 National Finals Pictures

Congrats to all of our 2017 Winners! Thank you to our Prize Sponsors.

First Place Champions received buckles by Becker Buckles – All Classes and Shootouts

Second Place Reserve received blankets by K & K Livestock – Base Classes and Shootouts

Third Place received Wild Gold Equine Supplement Canadian Distributor Tom Thorlakson – Base Classes, Shootouts and Youth (for Reserve)

Fourth Place received Hemp Protein Fibre Nikole Robinson – Base Classes, Shootouts and Century and a Half (for Reserve)

Thank you to Kurt Robson and Robson Ranch for supplying the Youth Buckles and prizes to each Youth (Sr and JR) participant.

Open Shootout:
Champions: Skylar Hansen, Hope Elkins, Gord Robinson
Reserve: Graham Armstrong, Russell Armstrong, Travis Kaiser
3rd Place: Justin Armstrong, Clinton Davis, Travis Kaiser / 4th Place: Terry MacLeod, Rene O’Rourke, Beau Riedel




8 Shootout:
Champions: Denise Greanya, Sheldon Greanya, Leanne Murray
Reserve: Micaela Cheek, Gabrielle Fouty, Spencer Gamache
3rd Place: Arlene Bruneau, Rob Bruneau, Sheldon Kokorudz/ 4th Place: Chuck McNeil, Jack Richardson, Sharon Schwieger




14 Class:
Champions: Rene O’Rourke, Lesley Marsh, Pat Bolin (Super Penner Team Won!)
Reserve: Justin Armstrong, Spencer Gamache, Sue Norquay
3rd Place: Justin Armstrong, Ben Thorlakson, Tom Thorlakson/ 4th Place: Johanne Duquet, Jen Fleming, Dave Marsh




10 Class:
Champions: Clinton Davis, Tricia Esworthy, Brian Watt
Reserve: Rick Andrews, Courtney Davies, Matthew Penner
3rd Place: Wade Adams, Hiedi Richardson, Ron Scott / 4th Place: Danielle Gamache, Len Gamache, Sue Norquay




7 Class:
Champions: Laurie Anderson, Laura Kokesch, Angela Pigeon
Reserve: Joyce Enders, Kaleigh McCallum, Hope Elkins
3rd Place: Dannielle Fenske, Britanny Fraser, Steven Gilbert/ 4th Place: Dannielle Fenske, Brenda Gilbert, John Hope




5 Class:
Champions: Denise Greanya, Al Keeler, Gaynelle Witzke
Reserve: Danielle Gamache, Len Gamache, Brittney McIntyre
3rd Place: Gabrielle Fouty, Danielle Gamache, Len Gamache/ 4th Place: Tricia Esworthy, Gabrielle Fouty, Brittney McIntyre




Century and a Half Class
Champions: Maurice Benoit, Susan MacAndrew, Brian Watt
Reserve: Len Gamache, Brian Watt, Owen Weekes




Senior Youth:
Champions: BriAnna Davis, Cassidee McMullan, Elijah Thiel
Reserve: Robyn Alexis, Brody Conan, Leigh Hedges




Junior Youth: (Thanks to the Adults that Volunteered to Ride)
Champions: Chelsey Funk, Maren Guizzo, Travis Kaiser
Reserve: Austin Bloomfield, Kaycee Conan, Dusty Wigemyr




Miscellaneous Pics: