CTCPA Forms ~ 2021

Affiliate Members ~ Please submit to your local association

New Affiliate Membership Form for New Unrated Members (please send along with payment to your local association. Each individual is required to have a valid membership from your local association).

Member Association Forms ~

Association Secretaries: Please submit to the CTCPA Office

2021 CTCPA Membership Rating Form (updated)NEW to 2021 all members of CTCPA will be reevaluated.  If you plan on riding in 2021 this form MUST be submitted at least 1 month before riding.  Any new rating tags will be mailed our to riders that have been changed.

Sanction-Show-Application-2021– To be completed by each association and submitted at the beginning of each year.

2021-Affiliate-Membership-Summary – This form is to be used by Association Secretaries when submitting affiliate membership forms along with payments. Please include the membership backup sheets for each individual member which they complete or complete the member information spreadsheet to submit along with the summary.

2021 Participation and Levy Form – To be completed by each Show Operator or Association after each CTCPA Sanctioned Show and submitted along with participation fees not more than 21 days after the show. If payment is not submitted, the show will not qualify as a CTCPA sanctioned show.