CTCPA Financial Information

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Q. How is the CTCPA funded?

A. The CTCPA is funded by fees collected from each rider on an annual basis as a membership fee. In addition to this fee, there is also a $1.25 levy charged to each rider for every entry they have at all locally sanctioned shows.

Q. What is the membership fees used for?

A. As you can see in the above budget and financial statements, the membership fees are used to pay for judges clinics, rule books, ratings, website, meeting costs, and other related items. In 2001 it was decided that the membership fees did not cover the required revenue needed to pay for the operation of the CTCPA. At that time, it was agreed upon, by the Board of Directors, that a levy fee per rider for each entry at the locally sanctioned shows, would be collected to help offset the expenses being incurred. NO LEVY MONEY IS EVER — USED FOR THE NATIONAL FINALS SHOW.

Q. Why should my local association sanction all it’s shows?

A. it is important that each local association sanction all its shows to insure equality to all penners across Canada. Since the Levy’s collected do not go to the National Finals, it is unfair to use that as an excuse. If one association Sanctions 20 shows, while another only Sanctions 6, the levies paid may be disproportionate. Since the fees are used for general CTCPA needs, all members should contribute equally. After a lot of discussion, we felt that the 2 tiers of revenue collection were fair (partially through membership fees and partially as a user pay Levy)

Q. How is the National Finals Show funded?

A. The National Finals Show is funded through the entry fees collected. In addition to the entry fees, there has been raised sponsorship money for the National Finals show.

Q. Why is the National Finals Show in Calgary year after year?

A. Quite simply, no other association has the ability to host the show. In Calgary, we are fortunate to have a facility that can accommodate as many teams as we have. No facility in Western Canada can stable 400 horses, has an indoor warm up Arena, can provide as much spectator viewing area and parking. In addition, the costs of the facility are drastically lower than Red Deer, or Edmonton. The Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to have the National Finals Show hosted in Calgary for another 3 years. It should be noted that one of the reasons the costs are so low is that the set up costs to move dirt, install holding pens, and setting up the stalls are shared with the Stampede Cutting Horse Show, which starts a day after we are done.

Q. How are the Directors compensated?

A. No Director receives any compensation. All positions are volunteered, including the National Finals committee. If a Director has an out of pocket expense for office supplies, telephone bills, hotel rooms for travel, etc., these are re-imbursed. The only paid positions are those of the National Finals Show secretary, the CTCPA Secretary/Treasurer and the newly created position of Judges/Ratings Technical Coordinator, of which none are filled by CTCPA Directors.

Q. What is the CTCPA Judges/Ratings Technical Coordinator?

A. In the past, the CTCPA has appointed people to act as Ratings committee members and also held Judges Clinics. We found that this was a very labor intensive role and we could no longer find people who could volunteer the many hours of time needed to ensure that ratings were consistent across Canada and that we had enough qualified judges. We have created a paid position whereby one, non director person, under contract, will be responsible for the ratings of all members across Canada and will hold Judges clinics.

Q. When will the National Finals increase it’s payouts?

A. Each year, as part of the National Finals planning and budgeting, we try to make the event break even. That is, after all revenues are collected and all expenses are accounted for, we calculate the payouts and prizes to take up all remaining revenue. It was always our goal to build up a fund in the National Finals account to cover our fixed costs. Prior to receiving any entry fees, we are financially committed to over $20,000 for facility deposit, buckles, saddles and other items. Now that we have built this fund, we will continue to keep it around the level it is at and will calculate payouts accordingly. We have risks each year that we lose sponsorship and as a result, our National Finals fund will be depleted.