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National Finals 

October 10-13, 2014 at Stampede Park in their new facility. Exciting details to follow.

2014 CTCPA Beginner Penning Clinic Subsidy Process

If you have attended a 2014 Judge Clinic, please ensure you send your paperwork in to the office.


Click here for the Champion and Reserve Pictures.

National Pictures available at www.jackiebstudios.com

National Pictures available at www.buzzeophotography.com

Quote of the Week: 

You know your a horse person when….you save every horse magazine you get!

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Click here to view the 2013 National Finals Results and results from past years. There are also pictures of the winners. We have posted results from each class and a summary of how each association did in each class.

The CTCPA Financials and a note to all members is posted.

If you are looking to get on a Nationals team you can put your name in the Spare Rider Pool or you can look at the list to see who is available.

Please click here to see the list of CTCPA Directors and CTCPA contact info.

The CTCPA is proud to sponsor the Rider Rating tags for 2014.