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2019 National Finals Date – October 11 – 14, 2019.
National Finals Package – Click Here
Important Dates To Remember:
Entries Open – Monday, July 22 at noon MDT
Entries Close – Monday, September 9 at 6pm MDT
Payments Due By – September 25, 2019
Thanks to Creekland Ranch – Christal and Andy Slusarczyk for becoming our Official Clock Sponsor.
NEW FOR 2019
  • The First Round of the Open Shootout will be on Saturday evening following the 7 class 2nd go.
  • The Open Shootout will take a maximum of 60 entries. Each rider may enter four (4) times with a minimum one rider change each time. If the team capacity in the Open Shootout is not reached by August 10th at noon MDT, we will announce additional details for a potential 5th ride.
  • The 8 Shootout will take a maximum of 100 entries. Each rider may enter one (1) time. If the team capacity in the 8 Shootout is not reached by August 10th at noon MDT, we will announce additional details for a potential 2nd ride.
  • The requirement to qualify for riding at the National Finals is six (6) sanctioned shows attended.
  • A rider must have ridden a minimum of three (3) times during a sanctioned show in order for that show to count and qualify to ride the National Finals.
  • A social night will take place on Saturday evening from 6pm until 8:30pm int the Robson Room. Tickets must be purchased online. Cost is $30 which includes some platters of food. There will be a wine and beer cash bar.
  • Order of Go Copies $2.00, available at the show office.


Thank you to our 2019 Rating Tag Sponsor Triumph Traffic – Only new members and members with a rating change will receive one new rating tag in 2019. Additional tags can be purchased from the CTCPA Office at a cost of $5.00, please contact the office to order ctcpaoffice@gmail.com 
The Association secretaries have added a line item to their membership forms to purchase extra tags ($5.00 each).
Please be respectful to the cattle when penning, try and stop the habit of riding into the pen at any time. 


2019 Rulebook  – All changes in bold


If you want to Judge/Flag at a Sanctioned Show in 2019, please review the 2019 Process and complete the Exam.
To view the 2019 Judge Clinic Webinar,  follow the link under the Judge Tab or Click This Link   
Should there be a discrepancy between a printed rule book and the rules as posted on the CTCPA website, the rules posted on the website shall prevail.


MANDATORY – Each member must display a rating tag on their saddle at all sanctioned pennings, all members must attach these rating tags so as the rating number is clearly visible. Rating tags will be sent to all new members and riders whose rating has changed for 2019. If you have lost your rating tag, please contact the office to purchase a replacement tag for $5.00, some show secretaries have inventory to purchase at individual shows or add an extra $5.00 to your association membership form to be sent an additional tag. The show secretaries have added an extra line to the membership forms for ordering.


Notice To Members: It is important all members are aware that Nationals is a separate entity from Canadian and has its own bank account with separate funds. Levy fees and membership fees which are collected are used for the general day to day operations of the CTCPA and are not used for the National Finals.


Thank You to Our 2018 National Finals Major Sponsors:

2018 National Finals Results

Alberta Ford Dealers

K & K Livestock

Hotel Blackfoot

Robson Ranch – Kurt Robson

Ray Antony and Family

David Ruby and Family

O’Reilly O’Rena and Performance Horses
Jennifer and Calvin Baldwin
Bar T 5 Trailers and Tack – Shaylene Hunter
 Thank you to our individual cow sponsors!


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Arena Manager Webinar .

If you are looking to get on a Nationals team you can put your name in the Spare Rider Pool or you can look at the list to see who is available.